Who are Skindeep?

Skindeep Leatherwear has been manufacturing bespoke leather shearling and baby lamb jackets for both men and women since our company was established in 1975. A few years later it was decided to open our own retail shop - Hides, which sold all our Sheepskin Clothing. Having concentrated on the the local New Zealand market and earning a good reputation for well made Sheepskin Jackets we expanded into Australia and the United States.We take pride in our individually handmade quality jackets which will provide you with warmth and comfort for years to come and is locally made here in Dunedin.

In the New Zealand spring lambing season, millions of new lambs are born. During the season the weather can be unpredictable, resulting in high lamb loses and thus providing the lamb skins required to produce our products. The skins are known as curly lamb (slink skins).  It takes up to 30 skins to produce one of our sheepskin garments and each skin is matched for colour, wool type and texture.

They make excellent garments due to the fine natural curls that are incredibly soft and lightweight. We ensure that only the finest skins are sourced from within New Zealand to create these handmade garments made here in Dunedin New Zealand.

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